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The VoiceRevoicer is a tool to change voices in voice files. Voice files are copies of native voices of the YAMAHA keyboards since Tyros.

If we apply the YAMAHA keyboard as master and an expander, synthesizer or another keyboard as slave, it will be advantageous to revoice voice files with native voices of the slave and to assign these to voice parts like Right1 at the master. With an appropriate MIDI Setup we are able to generate the native sound of the slave.

VoiceRevoicer is programmed with Visual C++ for Windows.


Unzip the downloaded file VoiceRevoicer.zip and start the file VoiceRevoicer.msi. Two PDF-files (english and german) with manuals are added.


VoiceRevoicer is freeware, but it is not allowed to publish the program without my permission to be downloaded from private or commercial websites. It is not allowed for firms, to put the software on disks or CD without my permission.


Download VoiceRevoicer

Michael Baumgaertel has created files for different products.

Download Ketron SD2 Voicefiles

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010
Bad bug repaired.
Friday, 12 January 2007
Version 1.0