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OTS at PSR-740, PSR-8000, PSR-9000 and 9000Pro

Thursday, 04 November 2004
Each keyboard PSR-740, PSR-9000, PSR-9000 and 9000Pro has a function "One touch setting" (OTS), but with different implementations.

If we select a style it is possible with all these keyboards, to switch between four different panel-settings with a single touch on one of the OTS-buttons. OTS is connected with styles: with each style we get a new set of four OTS. Registrations have to be created by the user. These are not associated with an own style, but use a style. Different registrations are possible with the same style. Selecting a style, we don't get a registration, but selecting a registration, we get a style with it. Registrations can be stored and loaded on disk.

The PSR-740 uses the same four buttons for the different functionalities OTS and Registration (round OTS-Button ON/OFF). OTS cannot be changed by the user and cannot be stored and loaded on disk. If we select a style, we get the same OTS every time.

The PSR-8000 allows to create user-defined OTS for upto eight preset-styles - but not for custom- or groove-styles. The other styles use the preset OTS. With the battery-function of the PSR-8000, the user-defined OTS are available even after Power Off/On. The PSR-8000 cannot store and load the standard and user-defined OTS on disk.

With the PSR-9000 and 9000Pro we can edit, load and store (Restore and Backup) all OTS of all styles. Yamaha delivers with both keyboards a set of standard styles of the custom (flash) memory together with its standard OTS on a floppy. The file-extension of the OTS-files is .ots . Because OTS is associated with styles, OTS cannot be saved without these separately on disk.