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Friday, 29 October 2004
AUX-OUT Problem with PSR-8000

With the PSR-8000 I used an amplifier external speakers to get the best sound. The speaker is connected with a cable with the PSR's AUX-Out ports R and L. Because I want to listen at my external speakers only, I would like to switch off the internal speakers. Because the PSR-8000 has no software function to do this, I adjusted a low level at the PSR main volume to get a low volume of the internal speakers and a high level at the amplifier to get louder external sounds. But this method has bad influence to the quality of the sound.

The problem has gone in the following way. I have put headphones into the phone port. After this there is no sound on my internal speakers. Now I can lift the main volume of the PSR-8000 and reduce the volume of the amplifier with best results: The voice signals from AUX Out have more intensity, this is better for the cable connection and the amplifier function.

I have got a lot of tips about this problem from Lars Brouwer (Holland), Nobby and Dr. Simon Williams. My first idea, to put an adapter only into the phone-socket, may cause damages at the internal amps, because it leaves open the amp circuit.