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Tuesday, 19 October 2004
Playing songs with Cakewalk, which have been recorded with the keyboard.

If you play these types of MIDI-files with Cakewalk at the keyboard, Cakewalk asks if it should send the SysEx included. You should do this, because the sound will be better. But there is a problem: in the songs there are contained several special types of SysEx which do start and stop the Keyboard and change some lokal states there. For example:

"F0 43 60 7A F7" Keyboard Start
"F0 43 60 7D F7" Keyboard Stop

The Start is given before playing the song. Therefore you hear the accompaniment directly after sending the SysEx.

To solve the problem: You have to delete these SysEx-Events. You can do this with Cakewalk, but it is more easy to delete SysEx events with my program PSRUTI.

There are other SysEx included which manipulate the states of INTRO, MAIN and ENDING of the PSR8000. You find the description in the manuals. The SysEx are send before playing the first note and later at different positions. These messages should be removed too. I myself delete all SysEx "F0 43 6. ...", "F0 43 7E ..." and "F0 43 73 ...".